Corporate Information Filings

File and update corporation information quickly, accurately and efficiently!


  • File a CIA Form 1 to update the corporate information that the MGS has on record for an Ontario corporation immediately;
  • Use a step-by-step process to facilitate quick and easy data entry;
  • Change the head office address, directors or officers’ details in a matter of minutes;
  • Pull a data extract to ensure that you are making changes to the corporate information that is currently on file;
  • File Annual Return forms in order to fulfill the mandatory annual filing requirement for Ontario corporations;
  • Prepare and submit forms for filing any time throughout the day – these will be automatically processed upon resumption of business hours;
  • Retrieve customized reports to confirm your filing submission.
  • File corporate information changes across all jurisdictions in Canada;
  • File articles of amendment\amalgamation\dissolution across all jurisdictions in Canada to facilitate corporate changes, including corporate name changes;
  • File corporate Annual Return forms across all jurisdictions in Canada;
  • Provide a team of experts to execute the necessary processes correctly and efficiently;


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