PPSA Searches and Registrations

Search, register, renew or amend liens in any jurisdiction across Canada and the USA.


  • Enables users to file registrations in all Canadian jurisdictions;
  • Allows users to file new Registrations, Amendments and Discharges;
  • Ensures you never miss a crucial date due to a built-in tickler;
  • Provides management capabilities of commonly used lists of parties;
  • Enables users to draft, save and submit for filing any time throughout the day;
  • Allows users to request PPSA searches across Canada and the USA (UCC searches) through the Security Search Service;
  • Provides Real-time responses for ‘verbal’ PPSA searches submitted through our Ontario PPSA search system.
  • Full registration coverage across Canada and the United States of America (UCC filings);
  • Complete order fulfillment for any New registrations, Amendments and Discharges that you need filed;
  • Full search coverage across Canada and the USA (UCC searches);
  • Knowledgeable and qualified law clerks processing your transactions.
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