As an entrepreneur your time is valuable and limited. Working efficiently and quickly is a top priority. Manoeuvre through the myriad of rules, regulations and forms necessary to start that new business.  Visit our entrepreneurial site and let our wizard lead you to the successful registration of your new business entity! You can see a listing of the services we provide to entrepreneurs below - and you can also always contact us for further information – our experts are here to help.   Visit our entrepreneur site today >>click here>>.

If you would prefer to let us handle your registration or incorporation process, we have a full service division staffed with experts who are able to help you with your business start-up >>contact us>>.
  • Articles of IncorporationIncorporate across Canada conveniently and efficiently.
  • Corporate and Business InformationUpdated information on corporations and businesses in any jurisdiction across Canada.
  • NUANSVerify corporate name availability prior to incorporating and obtain a mandatory NUANS® report.
  • Incorporation SuppliesChoose from a wide array of professional supplies: Minute Books, Seals, Share Certificates and more. All delivered within 24 hours of order placement.
  • Incorporation BundlesTake entity formation from start to finish and help your clients carry on business through a single transaction. Customize your bundle based on your corporate clients’ needs.
  • Corporate Information FilingsFile and update corporation information quickly, accurately and efficiently!
  • Business Registrations And RenewalsRegister and renew business names across Canada conveniently and efficiently.
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