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Submit pick-up requests electronically with eServices

Cyberbahn receives numerous requests for the pick-up of litigation and corporate documents on a daily basis.
We know you want to ensure that your document pickup is accomplished quickly and within your specified time limitations.

By using Cyberbahn’s electronic submission of pickup requests through Legal i Link’s eServices you will ensure faster processing of the requests as they are automatically dispatched to our team of clerks. And as an added bonuses you will be able to:
  • Request expedited processing by selecting a pickup time option ranging from a ‘next day service’ to a ‘super direct service’.
  • Immediately print a confirmation of submission with receipt number for easy tracking. Specify the filing court. This will allow Cyberbahn to dispatch the documents directly to the courts where a ‘today limitation’ is in place.
  • Specify the quantity of documents/material for pick-up. This will allow Cyberbahn to make appropriate pick up arrangements by selecting the most suitable transportation method.

Easily request your pickup electronically by following these pickup submission instructions:

  1. Go to www.cybermarque.com 
  2. Make sure the ‘Sign in:’ option is set to Legal i Link and enter your username and password*

  3. Click on ‘eServices’ and ‘Add New Order’

  4. Select the ‘Pick Up Request’ option and click on ‘Next’

  5. Fill in the form and click ‘Verify Order’

  6. Confirm the ‘Order Details Summary’ and click on ‘Add Order’

*Simply email Cyberbahn.info@thomsonreuters.com if unsure of login credentials. Our team of clerks will also assist you with placing your first request. Try our fast and easy way to submit pickup requests – anywhere and anytime.

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Important Notice: Legal i Link Website Availability
Please note that Legal i Link’s eServices functionality will be unavailable as of 5 PM on Tuesday December 6, 2011 as a result of necessary website maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and wish to assure you that we will be focusing on minimizing any ensuing interruption.